The Blue Bird Charity foundation is pleased to announce the delivery of aid to residents of Chernihiv and the Chernihiv region in August 2022.
Humanitarian aid was provided to the population, including children’s food, bicycles for adults, hygiene products, a range of clothing, toys, sweets, and more. This aid not only solved problems with food and hygiene, but also provided children and adults with goods that make their lives easier.

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We are pleased to quote people who expressed their feelings about this assistance: “I am grateful for this help, especially for the bike. It will allow me to visit my loved ones without the help of others. Thank you from the bottom of my heart”, – said Alexander, 55 years old.
“These canned goods and hygiene products helped me a lot. It was difficult for me to buy them on my own, but now I have everything I need, thank you”, – said Maria, 72 years old.
“My child is very grateful for these toys. She rests and feels happy because she has something to play with again”, – said Elena, the mother of 3-year-old Sophia.