Helping patients with hepatitis

The liver is not the heart, but its condition undoubtedly affects not only life expectancy, but also its fact. A person will not live without this organ even a day, but it is the main target and victim of hepatitis – a disease that is accompanied by inflammatory processes in the liver tissue. These diseases can occur with varying intensity and speed, but in the absence of proper and timely treatment, the result is always the same – cirrhosis, cancer, death.


According to the data of large international studies, the mortality from hepatitis can be compared with HIV, tuberculosis and malaria. With the number of infected people, the situation is even more serious – the number of people infected with viral hepatitis is 9 times more than the human immunodeficiency virus. Moreover, according to the World Health Organization, only 7% of patients with viral hepatitis C are aware of their diagnosis, and in the case of those infected with hepatitis B, the figure is even lower – only 3% of the actual number of patients are in need of medical supervision and treatment. As for Ukraine, it is estimated that the number of people infected with hepatitis C alone is over 1,300,000.

Back in November 2019, Ukraine became a member of the Global Strategy for the Elimination of Viral Hepatitis B and C, which aims to prevent 90% of new cases of viral hepatitis and undergo the necessary therapy with the same number of patients and diagnose patients without confirmed status. The program works, but unfortunately, due to various factors and life circumstances, not everyone who needs hepatitis treatment, receives proper medical care, access to effective drugs or such important psychological support.

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