Assistance to vulnerable groups

According to the official statistics, in the second half of 2020 the poverty level in Ukraine constituted 42.4%. This category includes Ukrainians who cannot afford to spend more than the current subsistence level. The most vulnerable population groups, who are more likely than others to face poverty, are single unemployed pensioners and people over the age of 75, large families, children and adolescents without parental care, and people with disabilities.

Qualitative foods, decent medical care and treatment if necessary, the ability to pay utility bills and get an education are the basic things that everyone needs. But they are not available to everyone. In Ukraine, there are official laws on the provision of social guarantees for certain categories of persons, however, unfortunately, assistance is not always enough and not for everyone.

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We believe that any problem can be dealt with if we approach it together. No matter how difficult the situation, a timely helping hand helps to get to your feet and, perhaps, one day to lend a shoulder of support to another who is in a difficult situation. We believe in the power of good and help all those who find themselves without the protection of relatives, the state and cannot overcome the problems alone. No matter which group you belong to, our doors are always open.

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