Assistance to foster families

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Helping a child whose family is going through a difficult period in life and who suddenly finds himself without parental care is a very important thing, but at the same time it is extremely responsible and difficult. Limited by strict requirements and charged with the desire to help their wards, foster parents may face the need to receive help. It can be different and relevant at any time – from the appearance of a child in a temporary family to his adoption or return to the native family: counseling, social, medical, pedagogical, legal, material. The state has programs to help foster families, but, unfortunately, they are not always enough for foster carers and their foster children.

We believe that any difficult situation is easier to overcome together, so we come to the aid of all those who find themselves in a sharp turn in life, and provide comprehensive support to those who are not indifferent to other people’s grief, especially children. No matter which group you belong to, you can always leave us an application.

Do not be left alone with the problem and do not be indifferent if you know who is in dire need of help in a difficult situation – we are always ready to respond and lend a hand. Write to us! (Request button)

If you want to support the mission of the foundation and help families with foster care, join the team of philanthropists “Blue Bird”! (Help button)