Help for patients with tuberculosis

10 million patients, including 465,000 in drug-resistant form, and 1.4 million deaths are the depressing tuberculosis statistics for 2019, published by the World Health Organization. In Ukraine, the problem with this disease, although less widespread, is just as urgent – the country is consistently in the top 20 countries with the highest incidence rates. Almost 18,000 patients, of which 504 are children and 2,886 deaths, are the prey of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in Ukraine in 2020 alone, according to the information provided by the Ministry of Public Health.

Lungs, skin, brain, bones, intestines, eyes – tuberculosis affects any organs and tissues. The causative agent of the disease, Koch’s bacillus, after entering the body, disrupts the immune system, forms foci of inflammation in the tissues and in every favorable situation for the disease with new force attack the weakened body. They attack and destroy until they kill.

To get rid of tuberculosis, you need a long and complex treatment. Sometimes this process takes from several months to a year. There is also a form of multidrug-resistant disease in which standard treatment regimens simply do not work … The problem of tuberculosis control is complicated by the fact that funding for public TB facilities is not always sufficient: vital drugs are not enough for everyone who needs them. An additional burden for many patients is the lack of understanding and psychological support in an already difficult life situation.

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Tuberculosis is a very serious disease and a general social problem along with AIDS. Common because the disease is contagious and anyone may become its victim, regardless of profession, age, lifestyle or status in the society. The pathogen can enter the body not only through semen or through a wound, but also through verbal contact, consumption of infected meat or milk. Everyone is more likely to get tuberculosis.

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