Assistance to children deprived of parental care

Sometimes life teaches to live “as an adult” through difficult lessons and from a young age: to cope with the cruelty and irresponsibility of parents, to be self-supporting, to overcome any difficulties alone, not to blindly hope for help and support, because they may not be. The path of children deprived of parental care, family warmth and love cannot be called simple and cloudless. It can have many difficult and sometimes dangerous turns, at each of which the support both psychological and material is extremely important. An important and reliable friendly shoulder that always listens, understands and wisely steers in a safe direction.

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Each of these children has a unique story, often tragic, his own character, his own traumas and talents, but all are united by a common desire, albeit not always noticeable at first glance – the desire to be safe, under the care of loving hearts and caring hands, break out of the dark whirlpool of problems and live happily. And also to know that there are good people in the world and people who are not indifferent to other people’s grief. There really are. You may be one of them, but we believe that any just cause is better decided together. Together we can do more!

By helping even one child left without parental care, we will not change the rhythm of life of the big world, but we will definitely change the world of this little person who has a whole life ahead of him. If you need help within the project or have the opportunity and desire to help – leave us a message.

Do not be left alone with the problem and do not be indifferent if you know who is in dire need of help in a difficult situation – we are always ready to respond and lend a hand in difficult moments of life. (Request button)

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