On November 25th, the Blue Bird foundation gathered and sent large packages of assistance to the Armed Forces of Ukraine and residents of the city of Chernihiv and the Chernihiv region who had experienced difficult times during the occupation. Each package that was handed over to the Armed Forces contained 8 different items, including generators, cables, and medical cylinders.

“Life on the front lines is not easy, especially in the winter when temperatures drop below zero. But thanks to help from outside, we feel supported and encouraged. We are very pleased that we are not forgotten and we are not alone in this difficult situation. Thank you again for your support!” – commented the Ukrainian soldier who received the help.

screenshot 17One of the main goals was also to provide assistance to mothers with children and elderly people who needed special attention. They received not only necessary clothing and shoes, but also delicious cookies, blankets, and bedding.

Everything will be alright!