Sustainable health care system

One of the priorities of the team of the Foundation “Blue Bird” is to promote a sustainable health care system. One that does no harm to patients or our planet; which acts as a catalyst, inspiring society to take action to protect human health and the environment; which encourages change in communities so that people can live healthier lives on a healthier planet.

The potential for transformation is enormous. Today, our health care system is becoming increasingly burdened as the population ages and the effects of climate change and pandemics increase. In this context, we say that we can provide high quality service, sustainable from an environmental and financial point of view. We are looking for ways to transform the health care system and protect people and our planet.shutterstock 1898297899

The health care sector plays a unique role not only because of its size and impact on the environment, but also because of its role and position in society. Healthcare professionals are trusted, respected and listened to. They are perfect for inspiring and demanding change.

Today brings real opportunities for the health care sector. Recently, during pandemics and environmental crises, we have seen how quickly health care systems can adapt and respond to urgent threats, but we have also seen their fragility.

The team of the Foundation “Blue Bird” is convinced that it is time to rethink the approach to health care. It is time for this system to be a beacon of change, pointing the way for other sectors. It is time to adopt new ideas that will help improve patient care in a sustainable and cost-effective way. It is time to transform healthcare and protect patients and our planet forever.