Assistance to children of Ukrainian soldiers

During the acts of war in the east of the country and the Revolution of Dignity, sad and tragic stories that cut the heart have been added to Ukrainian families. According to the statistics, in the first three years of the war alone, almost 1,500 children were deprived of parental love and care, and even more mothers did not wait for their sons to return alive and healthy…

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It is the military people that preserves our peace, our peaceful life, the opportunity to live in a free and civilized country. Their dedicated service is our faith in a bright future in a strong and independent Ukraine. It is our duty and reward for the sacrifices of Ukrainian soldiers to respond to our defenders and their families with due attention and care. First of all, to the families of those who gave their health and life for our peace.

The Charitable Foundation “Blue Bird” provides assistance to the families of ATO soldiers who lost their breadwinners due to hostilities in eastern Ukraine or during the Revolution of Dignity. These are large families, families with minor children and children with disabilities, as well as parents with disabilities who have lost a single breadwinner. We are doing everything possible to ensure that the relatives of the fallen heroes receive decent support until the state is able to support these families at the required level.

Human help is especially important and valuable in difficult times of experiences. In such difficult periods, the best way to support and protect each other is to become a leader of good and to show by your own example, by deeds, what mercy and sensitivity to other people’s troubles are. If this idea resonates in your heart – join our mission!

Do not be left alone with the problem and do not be indifferent if you know who is in dire need of help – we are always ready to respond and lend a hand. Write to us! (Request button)

If you want to help the families of Ukrainian soldiers who find themselves in a difficult situation, join the team of philanthropists “Blue Bird”! (Help button)