Help for drug addicts

He is bad, he cannot be trusted, he is hopeless, it is impossible to help such a person – this is just one page of the harsh reality where people suffering from drug addiction have to live. Fear of being exposed to the use of illicit substances, condemned and neglected by relatives and friends, receiving a harsh assessment of society or criminal punishment always haunts, pushes to paranoia and nervous breakdowns. And as a consequence, to new doses of drugs entering the body. The wheel of drug addiction is tightly locked, and it is extremely difficult to get out of its strong webs, overcome the pernicious urge and the heavy press of stigma. But this is almost the only chance to save lives, yourself and relationships with loved ones.

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Narcophobia is quite developed in modern society, but the access to drugs is almost free. According to the WHO, more than 18.5 million people sought treatment at clinics last year alone. Unfortunately, almost 12.5 thousand drug addicts could not be helped – it was too late. They died of poisoning by psychoactive substances. It is worth noting that these are only official statistics that do not take into account all cases.

The situation with drug addiction in Ukraine is also difficult. According to recent polls, about 10% of Ukrainians admit that they are surrounded by people with alcohol or drug addiction. Cannabis, amphetamines, salts, poppy straws, methadone, spices, heroin, ecstasy, tramadol, cocaine are the substances that their respondents mentioned in their answers to the questions, which substances lose the lives of their friends or relatives.

The problem of drug addiction is equally close and important to all, regardless of gender, age, level of security, number of diplomas or social status. As life shows, both people from vulnerable groups of population and successful businessmen or celebrities suffer from drug addiction.

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