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Vision – all residents of Ukraine, regardless of social, property status, and belonging to certain groups, will have equal and timely access to healthy food, clean air, medical care, medicines, psychological support, comfortable social environment – all that constitutes the conditions for a decent human life.




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Mission – The embodiment of abstract ideas of humanism in concrete good deeds that improve the lives of both individual social groups and the country as a whole. We find the ways and resources to improve the quality of life of socially vulnerable population groups, train and motivate employees of social institutions in Ukraine. Our Foundation creates and implements the programs of systematic assistance in the work of institutions and organizations caring for the chronically ill, people with disabilities, people temporarily deprived of free access to public institutions and treatment programs.



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Values – Our main value is absolute respect for people. Regardless of age, gender, skin color, political or religious beliefs.

We are also united by a desire to help, honesty, decency, openness and transparency. We are convinced that these virtues will allow us to light a candle of hope in the hearts of those who need our help and to lead those who are able to provide such help.