The Blue Bird Charity foundation continues its noble mission of helping our heroes – the Armed Forces of Ukraine, who risk their lives every day to protect our country from the aggressor. On the 20th day of November 2022, a solemn transfer of useful items took place, which will come in handy in field conditions.

Among the items provided were generators, which are important for providing comfortable conditions for our defenders. Generators provide reliable power to electrical appliances, which is important in field conditions where electricity may be inaccessible.

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“We want to share our sincere impressions of the help received from the Blue Bird Charity foundation. These generators are truly useful to us, as they allow soldiers to be in comfortable conditions on the front line. We are infinitely grateful to our donors for their support and memory of us, the defenders of Ukraine. This is extremely important for us, as we feel the support of our country and people, which gives us strength and motivation. Together we can do more!” – shared the commander of the battalion, which received the humanitarian aid.