The Сharity foundation “The Blue Bird” not only supports affected populations, but also systematically cares for the health of Ukrainian citizens. One of the foundation’s priority areas of work is to ensure equal access to medical care and medications for residents of Ukraine.

In July 2022, the foundation was able to donate an SonoAce X8 ultrasound machine to the Kiev Regional Oncology Dispensary for the bone marrow transplant center as charitable assistance.

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“With the war, health problems have not disappeared; on the contrary, chronic illnesses have worsened in many people, and even those who always considered themselves completely healthy have begun to fall ill due to stress,”a representative of the oncology dispensary noted. “In our department, each patient has their own battle with their illness. The additional ultrasound machine will relieve some of the queues and reduce tension in the department. Thanks to the foundation for their help.”

Everything will be alright!